Awards Scheme
Worshipful Livery Company of Wales Awards Scheme
The Company is established for the purpose of promoting education, arts, science and technology and, in particular, the promotion of skills and associated professional activities in Wales.  The Company achieves these aims by making awards to the young people of Wales so as to help develop their talents and skills.  Whilst the potential to succeed in the field which the recipient has chosen is always the important criterion, account is also taken of any financial or social need of the candidate.
The Company’s Awards Committee draws up an annual programme of awards which aims to cover a wide range of recipients, both by geography within Wales and by profession.  These awards include:
Gold Award – An annual award of £5,000 is made to provide a spur to, and financial help with, developing an idea or scheme in an area in which the recipient has already demonstrated significant ability.  This competition is widely advertised through universities and professional bodies.  Application for consideration for this award can be made by sending the Gold Award application form to the Secretary of the Awards Committee via the Contact Us feature before the 1st June each year.
Travel Scholarships – These awards, worth £1,000, are aimed principally at under-graduate and post-graduate students to enable them to further their careers and develop their talents by undertaking a project or further study abroad.  Applications are sought by invitations to various organisations, and the recipient is selected in competition following an interview.
Apprentice Awards – These awards, for various sums up to £300, are to recognise and encourage skills in an area traditionally associated with Livery Companies.  Applications are sought by invitation to colleges, employer, or training provider.
Bursaries - A small number of bursaries are established with specific colleges and are designed to help students of ability and in financial need to complete their studies.  Recipients are selected in conjunction with the college where the bursary is offered.
School Awards – To provide pupils in schools and colleges in Wales with financial assistance to progress to further or higher education.  Such awards are made, subject to confirmation of the offer for higher or further education, with advice from the school or college staff. 
Ad-Hoc Awards – The Company is open to unsolicited applications from those who can show ability and who require financial aid to meet a cost in association with an element of study, or with an activity, in furtherance of a career.  These awards are considered periodically by the Committee and are awarded taking account of the potential of the grant to assist in the achievement of an aim, the need for the grant, the areas (both professional and geographical) in which awards have been made during the current year, and the availability of funding from the Company’s Charity for this type of award.  Applications for funding merely to meet the cost of the academic course being undertaken will not be considered.  An Ad-Hoc Application Form should be submitted to the Secretary of the Awards Committee via the Contact Us feature.
Note that award recipients may be the subject of publicity in relation to that award.

Contact Details: The Clerk

Dr Claude E Evans C Chem MRSC, 87, Windway Road, Llandaf, Cardiff CF5 1AH, Tel 02920 551482. Dr Evans will be assisted by Mrs Angela Parry, Assistant Clerk

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