The Court

COURT  and COMMITTEES of COURT 2016-2017 

Master Wing Commander G R T Morgan DL
Senior Warden Professor G Davies DL
Junior Warden Mr G Hughes
Senior Court Assistant Mr P F C Coleman
Deputy Master Dr S Cockbill
Past Masters (Voting Court Members) Mr C J Richards
  Dr K H Williams
  Lady R Pill DL
  Mr S B Fletcher
  Professor R Eccles
  Mr W Coles OBE
  Mr W Warlow
 Court Assistants Mr S Castledine
  Dr B Wilding CBE QPM
  Mr P Coleman
  Maj J Charles TD* DL
  Professor J King
  Dr K Seddon
  Mrs M Bidder
  Mr N Hulmston
  Mr D R S Clarke OBE DL
  Commander R Reid
  Mr C Dale
Hon Court Assistants Professor J F Del Solbe
  Mr D W C Morgan (Chair of Trustees)
  Dr A Carson-Stevens
 Clerk Dr C E Evans
 Treasurer Mr P F Coleman
 Chairman of Trustees Mr DWC Morgan 
 Chaplain The Rev'd Cannon Roy Doxsey
 Beadle Mr B V Pitrola
 Master's Steward tba
 Senior Warden's Steward Mrs J Jacobs
 Junior Warden's Steward tba
 Assistant Clerk Mrs A Parry
 Web  Master Mr Windsor Coles OBE


Chairman Wing Commander G R T Morgan DL
 Secretary  Dr C E Evans

G Hughes MBA

Deputy Chair Mrs M Bidder
Secretary Wg Cmdr G R T Morgan DL


Chairman Mr S Castledine
Secretary Ms N J Jarboe OBE
Chairman Mr J N Hulmston
Secretary Mr W Coles OBE 
Chairman Mr R A M Richards
Secretary Professor J F del Solbé MBE FSB FIFM
Chairman Mr H R Wynne-Griffith MSc FIA FSS
Secretary Dr K C Williams MA
Chairman Mr D W C Morgan
Secretary Mr S B Fletcher OBE

Contact Details: The Clerk

Dr Claude E Evans C Chem MRSC, 87, Windway Road, Llandaf, Cardiff CF5 1AH, Tel 02920 551482. Dr Evans will be assisted by Mrs Angela Parry, Assistant Clerk

To contact the Clerk by Email, please use the Contact Us facility on the Home Page.