The Charitable Trust

The Welsh Livery Guild held its inaugural Court meeting in 1993 and set up a Charitable Trust supported principally by Liverymen in May 1995. The first award from the Trust was made in 1996.  The Trust now provides funds to the Company’s awards committee to disperse awards in the form of scholarships, grants, awards and bursaries.  The total funds dispersed in 2014 amounted to £44,500.  As with all substantial charities, supervision of our activities is overseen by the Charity Commissioners. The Trust\'s registered number is 1047346.

In 2013, the Welsh Livery Guild was granted a Charter by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and so the Guild became the Worshipful Livery Company of Wales, a Company incorporated by Royal Charter.  The name of the Charitable Trust, however, has not been changed and remains as The Welsh Livery Guild Charitable Trust.

The Trust is administered and managed by the Trustees in the name of the Worshipful Livery Company of Wales.  The duty of the Trustees includes furthering the aims of the Company by the advancement of education, training and such other charitable purposes as the Trustees shall from time to time think fit. The Trustees for 2015 / 2016 are as follows: -

MrTony Davies, Chair of Trustees and Liveryman
Dr Sarah Cockbill, Master
Mr Wayne Warlow, Deputy Master
Col Robin Melvin TD, Senior Warden
Professor Gillian Davies DL, Junior Warden
Peter Coleman, Treasurer: Lady Roisin Pill, Past Master Mr Derek Morgan, Liveryman; Mr Bryan Marsh, Past Master: 

Secretary to the Trustees and administrative contact:
Stuart Fletcher Past Master

The key objectives of the Charitable Trust are modified from time to time by the Trustees, for the current objectives Click Here. Note - Members Only.

In the 20 years between 1995 and 2015, the Charitable Trust Fund has grown and is now managed by investment advisors. 

The objective of the Trustees is to follow a conservative investment policy, maintaining the real value of assets to achieve a balanced return between income and growth by adopting a low to medium risk approach.  The Trustees understand the nature of the financial markets and invest in a broad range of asset.


charitable-trust-pie-chartThe Company is pleased to be associated with other charitable trusts, some awards made by the Company are funded by the other trusts.  We also operate jointly with other trusts such as the London Livery Companies in matched funded awards.

Full details of the Trust Fund Deeds and Trust Funds Accounts are published in the Members only section of the website and publically available on the Charity Commission website..


Contact Details: The Clerk

Dr Claude E Evans C Chem MRSC, 87, Windway Road, Llandaf, Cardiff CF5 1AH, Tel 02920 551482. Dr Evans will be assisted by Mrs Angela Parry, Assistant Clerk

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